Alcohol Stove

Product introduction

它能做什么?  /  What can it do?

1.     可烧水,可煮茶,可做饭,可做韩式烤肉

It can heat water, make tea, boil food and Korean BBQ.

2.     超声波驱动,酒精喷雾,比普通酒精炉火力更猛

Ultrasnic driven alcohol spray, stronger than normal alcohol stove.

3.     双开关控制双火源,简单易操作

Dual burners can be controlled by dual buttons

4.     酒精更安全更环保,不会在高温下爆炸,泄露后对人身和环境没危害

Alcohol is no explode even higher tempreture, no harmful to human or envoriment even leakage.

5.     自带温控保护,炉身超过50℃立即停止工作,降温后恢复工作

High-tempreture protection to stop work if over 50℃, resume work when lower than 50℃

装箱信息  / Packing List  

数量  /  内箱  : 1 套

Quantity / inner carton: 1 piece

毛重 / 内箱 : 2公斤

Gross weight / inner carton:  2kgs

尺寸 / 内箱: 23*23*16cm

Size /inner carton: 23*23*16 cm

数量 / 外箱 : 4套

Quantity / outer carton: 4 pcs

毛重 / 外箱: 9kgs

Gross weight / out carton: 9 kgs

尺寸 / 外箱: 42*40*25cm

Size / outer carton: 42*40*25 cm






如何安装  /  How to install?

      1.     取下酒精炉的架子, 拔出硅胶塞, 用漏斗加酒精,加满后盖好硅胶塞。

              Remove the frame and pull out silicone plug, fill the alcohol with funnel, cover plug after full

       2.    安装点火器:放入打火机(自备) - 装上塑料手柄 - 向前推开关点火

              Install lightor: put in lightor - install plastic handle - push button forward to burn

       3.    先装上酒精炉架子,然后按按键,酒精开始喷雾,用点火器点燃喷雾。如果再次按按键,就可以关火

               Install the frame and press buttons, alcohol will start to spray and burn it with ignitor. 

               You can turn off fire when press buttons again.

如何给电池充电  /  How to recharge battery?

          从侧面抠开电池盒  -  通过手机充电头和TYPE-C线给电池充满电 - 安装上电池盒

          Pull the battery case apart from the side  -  Recharge battery case by phone adaptor and cable -

          Install battery case back when fully charged.

注意事项  /  Attention:

        1.     请另外购买91% 或 95%  或 99% 纯度的酒精做燃料

                Please buy 91% or 95% or 99% alcohol as fuel!

        2.     如果火力变弱,请把电池盒取出来充电 或者 添加酒精  或者 用棉签清洁喷头

                If fire becomes weaker, please recharge battery or refill alcohol or clean sparyer by cotton bud.

        3.     酒精炉最多可装500毫升酒精,加满后可燃烧5小时(单火)/ 2.5小时 (双火)

                Max Capacity is 500ML alcohol, it can fire 5H (single burner) or 2.5H (dual burners) when full capacity.

        4.      电池续航工作8小时,充电时红灯,充满后蓝灯

                 Battery can work 8H constantly, it is RED led when recharging and BLUE led when full recharged.

         5.     如果长期不用,灰尘可能会堵塞喷头,用棉签蘸酒精清洁喷头即可

                 The dust may block the sprayer if longtime non-use, please clean it with cotton bud and alcohol.

         6.     如果有其他问题,请联系我们:

                 Welcome to contact us if any questions: