What is the correct way to charge a rechargeable battery? What should be paid attention to when using it?

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Rechargeable batteries are now more and more popular, many friends at home or in the workplace have given up the use of disposable batteries, switch to rechargeable batteries, not only can be reused, save the cost of use, avoid waste of resources, but also can protect the environment, really can be called as one stone.

But in the process of using the rechargeable battery, some friends have no small doubt, do not know whether the method of using the rechargeable battery will cause harm to the battery itself, or whether there are some operations that should have been avoided will shorten the service life of the rechargeable battery.

So today we are going to popular science about the correct charging method of rechargeable battery and the matters needing attention when using rechargeable battery!

First, the correct charging method:

1. Rechargeable battery:

First take out the rechargeable battery, then take out the USB charger, and then put the rechargeable battery into the USB battery charger, and finally insert the USB port of the USB battery charger into the USB power port, so that the battery can be charged;

2. USB rechargeable battery:

There is no need to buy a special charger, self-provided Type-c socket and charging cable, computer, mobile phone charging head, charging treasure, find a suitable USB socket plug can charge, can charge two or four batteries at the same time.

Two, the use of rechargeable batteries taboo:

1, do not run out of power before charging:

Many partners are used to running out of battery power and then charging, for lithium ion batteries, after the power is used up and then charging, the activity of lithium will decrease, so that it will affect the battery capacity, reduce the battery life, so the damage to the battery is relatively large;

2. Batteries don't have to be fully charged:

No matter what kind of rechargeable battery is used in the device, do not charge the battery at one time, this will cause relatively large pressure to the battery, affecting the subsequent use;

3. Do not charge for a long time without care:

For example, the battery is placed here to charge, and people leave to do other things, a walk is more than 10, 20 hours, such a long time placement is easy to cause security risks.

Three, rechargeable battery when using matters needing attention:

1, charging steps should be: first connect the battery and then connect the power, in full charge, unplug the power, and then disconnect;

2. Exclusive lithium charger should be used when charging, roadside quick charging is not allowed, 48, 60, 72 volt charger can not be mixed;

3. Stop charging and using the battery when it heats up, and replace the battery in time;

4. Unplug the charger in time after it is fully charged, and the continuous charging time should not be too long;

Above, if there are rechargeable battery related questions or needs can be private letter to me, you can also leave a message in the comment area, will seriously reply to you!

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