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Battery we have used, as a necessity in our life, what children's electric toys, mouse, TV remote control, air conditioning remote control and so on, there are many places need to use batteries.

In general, the batteries we use and buy are common disposable batteries, which are bought and discarded after use.

However, many people will not specifically classify the disposable batteries when they discard them, nor will they send them to a special recycling station. Instead, they throw them into the garbage can together with household garbage and then go to the garbage disposal station for unified destruction.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but it raises security concerns.

Because the disposable battery itself is not absolutely safe items, and will cause environmental pollution, casual disposal will easily bury the seeds of insecurity, let the danger in which take root and sprout.

Moreover, it is not economical to use single-use batteries in terms of convenience, cost performance and reuse.

As the name implies, disposable batteries can only be used until the internal battery runs out, and then they can only be replaced with new batteries. Moreover, if the battery is not used for a long time, it will even slip away quietly, causing energy waste unknowingly.

This every time to buy a battery, is to spend more money, once or twice ok, in the long run, who can not lose for their wallet panic?

The most important thing to pay attention to is that friends with young children at home, if they often use this disposable battery, they must pay attention to put it out of reach of children.

At the same time, if there is a disposable battery that has been used in the home, we must remember to throw it away in time, otherwise it is easy to cause the curiosity of children.

Some children are young and immature, and will even try to eat batteries out of curiosity! The consequences of this are unimaginable!

In contrast, rechargeable batteries are more than one edge above disposable batteries in terms of convenience, cost performance, practicality and environmental protection.

Especially USB rechargeable battery, not only has the excellent characteristics of rechargeable battery, but also more convenient to use, charging more quickly!

Cycle charging, in particular, can reach a staggering 1200 times! Converting down, is to save money to buy more than 1000 ordinary disposable batteries!

With this extra budget, we can take the family out for a few tasty meals, buy a book or new toy for the kids, surprise our significant other, buy some supplements for our elders, or simply pick up something that's been in the shopping cart for a long time and just can't bear to place the order! Why waste it buying disposable batteries again and again!

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