Why do USB rechargeable batteries work better than regular and conventional rechargeable batteries?

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Batteries, we all have useful life, such as home TV, air conditioning remote control batteries, children's electric toys in the battery and so on, very common.

For a modern family, batteries, it can be said, are indispensable in daily life.

Many friends should also have the impression of the advertisement "Nanfu battery, one battery is stronger than six batteries" which often appeared on TV. The advertisement slogan is short and powerful, which fully demonstrates the advantages of the product and has enough memory points. From the perspective of marketing, it is a very successful case.

But look at it the other way, and it may not be so pretty.

After all, the battery, as a disposable product, no matter how powerful the energy storage, waste battery pollution to the environment, and the battery and its supporting equipment itself need to be purchased repeatedly to normal use of the disadvantages, can not be denied and ignored.

For example, most of the ordinary dry batteries we use daily contain mercury, manganese, cadmium, lead, zinc and other metal substances.

When batteries containing these substances are thrown away after use, if they are not properly disposed of, the shell of the battery will slowly corrode.

At this time, one of the heavy metal material will gradually penetrate into the surrounding soil and who, causing heavy metal pollution.

The biggest characteristic of this kind of pollution is that it can not be degraded naturally, except through purification, otherwise it can not be eliminated.

According to the professional test results show that an ordinary 1 battery if rotting in the soil, can make 1 square meters of land lost use value!

If replaced by a button battery, it can pollute about 60WL, equivalent to a person's lifetime drinking water volume!

As technology has evolved, rechargeable batteries have emerged that are more environmentally friendly and do not require repeated purchases.

Rechargeable batteries, as the name suggests, are batteries that can be recharged and reused.

Its appearance breaks the market monopolized by the traditional battery, the person who needs the battery can no longer like before, when the battery is out of power, they have to buy the battery again, falling into a long time, the money to buy the battery is even higher than the product itself that needs to use the battery.

With rechargeable batteries, people can simply buy the type of battery they need and an accompanying charger and be done with it.

So you don't have to worry about getting dressed and going downstairs in the middle of the night to buy batteries because your remote control suddenly runs out and you don't have any extra batteries. It frees up both our time and our wallets, which have been bleeding imperceptibly and imperceptibly for a long time because of constant battery purchases.

But while these traditional rechargeable batteries have many benefits, they also have an obvious downside -- inconvenience.

Especially when charging!

Planning to charge the battery can be particularly troublesome because of the over-reliance on dedicated charging devices and the fact that most different rechargeable batteries cannot be mixed with charging devices due to their different models, shapes, manufacturers, brands and origins.

In fact, the trouble is also ok, after all, save money, so this kind of flaw is not unacceptable to most people.

But there is another situation that often arises that can't be solved by forbearance.

That's when the charging unit goes missing or you can't remember where you put it! Especially in the case of urgent use, find and can not find, turn and turn, simply suffering!

Sometimes even can feel and so blindly seek go down, return inferior to go down to buy a common battery of convenience!

Look, originally is for convenience, money just appeared rechargeable battery, such a set of operation down, a purpose did not achieve!

Instead, replace the traditional rechargeable battery that looks convenient, but actually works very differently than we expected, with a truly convenient USB rechargeable battery.

There is no need to buy a special charger, and it supports three charging modes of computer, mobile phone charging head and charging treasure at the same time. It can be recycled for 500 times and can charge two batteries at the same time!

Such rechargeable batteries are the real convenience!

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