What is the charging voltage of 9v lithium battery? How to solve the common problems of lithium battery?

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Recently, a friend who bought a rechargeable battery asked me how much the charging voltage of 9v lithium battery is? How to solve some common problems of lithium rechargeable batteries? In addition to him, many friends do not know about rechargeable batteries very well, or friends who do not often contact rechargeable batteries in their daily life will have such problems.

So today we will make a collection to answer these common questions about the use of lithium batteries once and for all, so that we can find answers according to our own questions.

Question 1: What is the charging voltage of 9v lithium battery?

Answer: between 9.5-10.3V;

Question 2: Under what conditions are lithium batteries suitable for storage?

A: It is better to store it in a cool and dry environment, avoiding direct sunlight. In terms of data, it is better to store it in a 65% ambient humidity and an indoor temperature between 15 ℃ and 35 ℃;

Question 3: Do newly purchased lithium batteries need to be discharged before being charged?

Answer: Generally, it is necessary to activate the battery to avoid the capacity degradation of the battery due to memory effect;

Question 4: How long can the new battery last?

A: Normally, the usable times of lithium battery are marked on the package. For example, our Lianguang battery can be recycled for 1200 times;

Question 5: Can I keep the battery for standby after it is fully charged?

A: The lithium battery should not be stored continuously for more than 7 days when fully charged, and it is better to store it under 3.70-3.90 voltage for a single battery, because this will make the battery have a longer service life.

Question 6: Activating is troublesome. Can I use it without activating it?

A: It needs to be activated, because the new battery will generally be dormant for more than 3 months from the factory to the user, so it is not suitable for immediate high-intensity discharge, or it will affect the service efficiency and life of the battery;

Question 7: Why can't the newly bought battery be charged?

Answer: This is usually because there is a problem with the cell's zero power, the battery's large internal resistance or the charger mode. You can adjust it and try again, or contact the manufacturer to replace it;

If it will not be used for a long time, remember to recharge and discharge every 1-2 months.

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