The battery is still on Nanfu? This rechargeable battery is 100 times better than 6! Can be recycled for 1000 times

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"One section is better than six sections", which is a well-known slogan of many of our post-80s, 90s and 00s generation. Many people know Nanfu for the first time through this slogan, and know that batteries also have the concept of brand.

At the time when this slogan was popular, Nanfu batteries seemed to be a symbol in our lives. Many people would go to supermarkets to find and buy Nanfu batteries. Many people think that even though this battery can be used as six batteries without the advertisement, there are four or five batteries, right? Is there any false propaganda? As long as it is easier to use than ordinary batteries, it won't hurt to buy it.

Moreover, compared with the fancy battery manufacturers in the market at that time, the brands that we felt familiar with were always more trustworthy.

As a result, many people have identified Nanfu as the battery brand. Even after more than ten years, they still unconsciously choose Nanfu when buying batteries.

This kind of behavior can be said to be a kind of trust to the brand side, but also a manifestation of habitual shopping tendency.

Because many people stick to a certain brand, business, type or store when buying a product, it is not because of how much they like or agree with its brand or enterprise, but because of habits.

After the first purchase, I felt that the use experience was good, and I didn't find any big mistakes in the products when I bought them again later. So I took this shopping choice as a habit and naturally integrated it into my life.

This not only saves time for these people to think, compare and calculate the price difference, but also omits the cost consumption caused by trial and error. In a sense, it is not a loss, but also a profit.

But now, the rapid economic development has made the relationship between businesses, goods and consumers increasingly complex, and the development of science and technology has also made the speed and frequency of commodity updates gradually improved.

To put it bluntly, this is no longer the time when "one verse is stronger than six".

The battery should not only be usable, durable and durable, but also be easy to use and save money.

Take the latest USB rechargeable battery as an example. It is easy to make one battery more powerful than 100 or 1000 batteries. Why? Because it can be recycled, you can save 999 dollars by buying one, and you don't need to buy additional chargers. You can use a computer or mobile phone charger directly, which is simple, affordable and free of fancy scripts and advertisements. For current consumers, this is the real blood

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