Will rechargeable batteries not be bought? Look at these three points and save money

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In the daily life of modern people, one of the most indispensable daily consumables is battery.

Many people may not take this statement seriously. They think that there are too many things that are more important than batteries. After all, the main role of batteries is just to supply energy for the equipment we use. At best, they are only secondary consumables. Whether they are or not will not affect our daily life.

A considerable part of friends who hold this idea do not pay attention to the batteries used in their lives.

Without batteries, we can't switch the TV channel and the temperature of the air conditioner freely from a certain distance; Without batteries, when using smart doorbells, door locks and toothbrushes, they can only be used as disposable consumables, which greatly increases the use cost;

Without batteries, the wireless mouse, keyboard, and microphone can't work properly, and they need to be switched to wired to continue to use, not to mention the children's electric toys, parents' elders' massagers, and spare flashlights in the bedside table.

In our daily life, there are a lot of household products or appliances. Once there is no battery, they will become "waste" or simply degraded, becoming the appearance before upgrading. Can we live like this? Yes.

Can such equipment be used? Some can also be used.

But is it okay? Is it good? I believe most people have a clear idea.

It can be seen that the existence of batteries is very important for our daily life, especially the USB rechargeable batteries that can be recycled. It can not only provide the equipment functions we need, but also can be reused.

Have you run out of electricity? Charging is OK. It takes only 2 hours for a short one and 4 hours for a long one to fully charge the battery.

This not only saves us the trouble of going out to buy when the battery is dead, but also saves us a lot of extra expenses.

So, how can we make sure that we buy such an important and convenient rechargeable battery with good quality?

You can refer to the following 3 suggestions to conduct and test:

1. Buy rechargeable batteries from regular channels and manufacturers;

2. After the battery is purchased, the package shall be complete without damage, rolling, stains and unknown marks;

3. You can use a voltmeter to measure whether the voltage conforms to the nominal voltage, and then measure whether the discharge current conforms to the current of the connected load. If the current conforms, the battery quality is good. On the contrary, the battery may be a defective or inferior product.

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