Strong upgrade! Type-c socket rechargeable battery, do you want to try?

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In life, we often see such scenes:

When getting up in the morning, the wife who picks up the electric toothbrush to brush her teeth and the husband who uses the electric razor;

Grandparents who came back from a stroll in the morning wore a shoulder neck massager on their neck, massaging while switching TV channels with a remote control;

At the end of the lunch break, the child pressed the remote control to command the electric toys to move left and right;

When the electricity was cut off unexpectedly at dinner, the father took out a flashlight from the drawer and opened it, playing hand shadow games with the children happily;

When it was time to go to bed, my mother found out the remote controller of the air conditioner and raised the temperature of the air conditioner in the baby's room to prevent the child from catching cold.

The above scenes all have one or several things that need batteries. They have already gone deep into all aspects of our lives. No matter men, women, old or young, north or south, east or west, we can't live without batteries.

However, unlike the huge demand and demand environment for batteries, most of the batteries on the market today are still traditional. They can only be used once. When they are used up, they need to discard the batteries they bought again, that is, ordinary dry batteries.

This is not to say that this kind of battery is not good. After all, the traditional disposable dry battery has indeed brought countless conveniences to our lives in the past decade or even decades.

However, time has changed. With the development of science and technology and the change of the use environment and demand, ordinary batteries, which were originally convenient, can no longer meet our needs, even its version 2.0 - batteries that can be charged with a specific charger.

Because people nowadays not only pursue cost performance, but also demand the efficiency and convenience of goods. That is to say, people's requirements for batteries have changed from being usable at the beginning to being easy to use.

It should not only be able to charge, but also be fast. It should not only be fast, but also be able to charge several times.

How can you limit yourself to various strange chargers that need to be equipped separately, with different specifications, and are especially difficult to buy when they break down?

The newly upgraded USB rechargeable battery of Lianguang Type-c socket skillfully solves these problems. Not only can you directly use your mobile phone and computer to charge the battery, but it's also easy to pull 2, pull 4, and charge for 2 hours! Cost performance, efficiency, practicality, and every detail is considered by consumers. This is the good battery we should use in the new era!

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