In the new era of science and technology, what kind of battery is the consumer potential stock in today's society?

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With the advent of the 1920s, our scientific and technological level has reached an unprecedented new height, which makes many people more and more yearning for possible changes in the future, looking forward to what good changes these changes may bring, making our daily life more convenient and more scientific. Such ideas are not only full of beautiful dreams of the future, It also contains the dissatisfaction of some contemporary people with the inconvenience of life, which urges our science and technology to make great strides towards a more humane, popular, life oriented and practical direction, and brings us one surprise after another.

For example, a few years ago, every household was using disposable dry batteries. In that year, the slogan "one section is better than six sections" was popular in the streets, and every household's TV set was put in it, which was known by everyone.

But even if the popularity is high, what? This can not conceal the fact that they can only be used once and will have to be purchased again when they are used up.

For many people and families, this is actually a hidden but "valuable" expenditure.

After all, modern people, who can live without batteries? You can't see the TV remote control, air conditioner remote control, doorbell, massage chair, electric toothbrush, razor, children's electric toys, etc. at home, but they all need batteries to operate and use normally

As a result, most families need to buy batteries for a period of one month or more than one or several quarters. Once this shopping habit starts, it is hard to stop.

If we only buy batteries four times a year and spend 15 yuan each time, it will cost 60 yuan a year.

Multiply this amount by the number of years that the product needs to be used. Boy, I don't know, but I was surprised at how much I spent on the battery! No wonder old people say that consumables are the most expensive! That's reasonable

Because they are consumables, they need to buy when they are used up, and because they are consumables, purchasing becomes a long-term and continuous behavior. So consumers really suffer a lot!

Therefore, when USB rechargeable batteries, which can be used without repeated purchase and only need to be recharged when they are used up, are simple and convenient in charging mode, have a short charging time, and can be recycled for up to 1200 times, come to the stage of history, it is conceivable that as a consumer potential stock in today's society that responds to the needs of the people, it is only a matter of time to replace the traditional disposable dry batteries.

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