Did I pick the wrong one? What is the difference between a nimH rechargeable battery and a nimH rechargeable battery?

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As the domestic one of the most widely used type batteries, we often in electric toys, electric bicycle, electric tools, digital products and digital TV, see the figure of nimh batteries, this is a kind of synthesized from nickel and hydrogen ion battery, the nickel cadmium battery power reserves of more than 30% lighter, won't produce environmental pollution, longer service life.

But the disadvantages of nickel-metal hydride batteries are also obvious, in general, its price is much more expensive than nickel-cadmium batteries, and the performance is much worse than lithium batteries, so does this mean that nickel-metal hydride batteries are useless?

Of course not. Although nothing can be perfect, it can be upgraded on the basis of the original, such as the upgraded VERSION of USB nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery, which not only improves the functionality, but also makes targeted optimization of the original shortcomings:

Normal nickel-metal hydride batteries lose their charge months or even weeks after charging due to self-discharge, so they are more likely to be used in a shorter unit time.

The new USB nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery has no memory effect, no leakage, no leakage, no corrosion of the circuit board, so it is widely used in a variety of products.

The main differences between nimH rechargeable batteries and nimH batteries are mainly focused on the following aspects:

1. Charging speed:

The normal nickel-metal hydride battery is very slow to charge, basically if you want to fully charge, it takes a very long time, often when the battery is full, the day has passed;

The USB nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery is different, it has a utility model patent, a no. 5 battery can be fully charged in 8 hours, the no. 7 battery only takes 5 hours, simple and quick, save time and trouble;

2. Memory effect:

The traditional nickel-metal hydride battery has a certain memory effect, that is to say, if it is not thoroughly charged and discharged for a long time, it will take the battery capacity, so it is necessary to do extra full charge in ordinary use, so as not to affect the battery capacity;

USB nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery does not need to be so, with the use of charging can be convenient and simple;

3, cost-effective:

Although ordinary nickel-metal hydride batteries are cheap, but durable, that is to say, the service life is very average, and often appear quality damage;

USB nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, there is no these problems, not only can reach 500 times, a charging circuit with explosion-proof, combustion, energy conservation, environmental protection, resistance to overcharge and over discharge, compatible with all sorts of use with batteries electricity equipment, no memory effect, namely, use form, increases with the increasing charge with characteristics of high quality, very suitable to replace the common used nimh batteries.

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