Rumors or truth? Why can rechargeable batteries replace traditional dry batteries?

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In recent years, with the increasing progress and development of technology, many things that we used to take for granted in our past lives are also undergoing surprising changes.

For example, the disposable dry battery that we used to love and use very commonly not only makes it very convenient to use, but also brings a lot of convenience to our lives. It is also an indispensable and important item in many people's family life or work.

But as time goes by, many people have found that the original disposable dry batteries are gradually not keeping up with our usage needs.

On the one hand, as a consumable, the consumption, quantity, replacement frequency, and single item price of disposable dry batteries are not satisfactory, especially for some large battery users, the cost-effectiveness of disposable dry batteries is really not worth considering.

On the other hand, it is because disposable dry batteries, which were originally convenient to use, are not as convenient for the current usage environment. Not only can they not be stored for a long time, but they also have to be purchased again when they run out of electricity, making it easy to fall into the dilemma of dry batteries running out of electricity.

It is precisely to solve these problems that rechargeable batteries have emerged.

Although initially available rechargeable batteries had a lower battery capacity than dry batteries, they required frequent charging and specific charging devices. Charging operations were sometimes even more cumbersome than purchasing a disposable battery, coupled with generally high prices, making them rarely favored by consumers.

But these are all past tense styles. The current USB charging battery is not only free from the shackles of the special charger, but only needs a simple USB charging cable that is basically available in modern homes, computers, mobile phone chargers or any USB socket to charge.

Moreover, the charging time is short and the number of repeatable uses is high. In other words, today's USB rechargeable batteries generally only take 2 hours, which means they can be fully charged in the time it takes to watch a movie, eat a meal, or play a few games. Moreover, they can be recharged 1200 times!

This performance improvement can be extremely disruptive, and as a result, the cost-effectiveness of USB rechargeable batteries priced at tens of yuan has become very terrifying. After all, even with high prices and thousands of usage times, the single use price will quickly decrease, even less than ten cents per use! No wonder it is loved by the public for saving so much money!

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