What kind of USB rechargeable battery has good quality? This is the 0 routine

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In this era, there are too many routines around us, not only many, but also many tricks, which are often impossible to defend.

These routines range from crimes, telecommunications fraud, fooling the elderly, impersonating the police, to calling the court; As small as video websites, pop-up ads for mobile games, and cutting a knife every night, reading novels to withdraw cash, the specific operations, steps and details of these routines are not consistent, but the purpose is the same, that is, to extract benefits from you.

Whether it's to gain your attention through deception, temptation, or brushing your sense of existence, or to approach you deliberately and try to make you think you are in the same position, these are just routines that make you trust.

Sadly, we, who live in such an era of mixed information, seem to have been accustomed to such information bombardment.

Whether you are an elderly person, a middle-aged person struggling, a young person just stepping out of school, or a child who can play smart phones better than adults, we can find exactly the information you want in a piece of advertising and conveniently close the pages full of routines.

But ignoring does not mean to acquiesce to the damage caused by the routine. Take the USB rechargeable battery as an example. There are always some companies that fish in troubled waters, without conscience, use routines to trap others and steal benefits from others that do not belong to them. In the end, we, as consumers, are the only ones who are harmed:

1. Counterfeit:

The outer package, color, shape and specification are identical, but a word or a letter is different from the famous brand goods, the famous brand goods are directly labeled on the products produced by oneself, and the products boast that their products are owned by a manufacturer or supplier of a famous brand, etc. These are fake and inferior goods;

2. Defective:

As the name implies, replace good quality goods with poor quality goods and sell them to consumers, or carry some of the poor quality goods among some of them. In this way, if consumers are unlucky, they will easily encounter safety accidents

3. Three No Products:

It was clear that there was nothing to ask for, no certificate, no factory, no certificate, no production license, no professional equipment, but they hired some so-called stars, online celebrity endorsers, brought goods, and ran away after a wave of sales.

These are the routines that many people have really experienced. Compared with the above, a truly zero routine, high-quality USB rechargeable battery should have the following features:

1. It shall be produced by formal manufacturers with complete certificates and qualified qualifications;

2. The discharge voltage is constant, and the battery capacity and charging time are consistent with the description, true and accurate; 3. The number of recyclable charging uses needs to exceed 1000 times;

4. Automatic testing is required to ensure product quality;

5. It can accept on-site inspection and product sampling inspection.

If the above five conditions are met, it can be regarded as a good, zero routine, high-quality USB rechargeable battery.

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