Challenge Nanfu? Domestic "high praise" batteries were born, and they only cost a penny to use once!

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For a long time, the domestic battery market seems to have been divided by major brands. The most common and easily available batteries on the market are those of these major brands. Not only do many supermarkets and stores specifically purchase them, but many people also choose a certain brand of battery for purchase.

But big brands, is everything really good? Actually, it's not entirely true.

Firstly, the reason why most of us are more familiar with the products of large brands and are more willing to choose to purchase them is actually very simple, because we have more awareness of the products of large brands, which makes us more willing to choose these products with a certain level of awareness when making a purchase.

After use, because the user experience is good, many people will recognize the brand and apply filters to its products, replacing the brand quality with their own usage experience. They believe that this is a good thing, the product with the highest cost-effectiveness and the most suitable for themselves.

This is a very simple logical chain, so where exactly does the problem arise? Is there any problem with the process of "planting grass" like this?

The problem is that in the process from consumers to brand advocates, we do not have a true process of independent choice and discrimination, which makes it easy for us to be attracted to the things in front of us and ignore others.

In other words, is what you are currently accustomed to choosing really the best in the current market?

Taking batteries as an example, a new type of USB rechargeable battery that has received high praise from consumers has emerged on the market today.

Not only can the battery be recharged, but the model is completely compatible with traditional batteries. The remote control, scale, electric toothbrush, wireless keyboard and mouse, children's toys, etc. in the home can be used directly.

And most importantly, the cost-effectiveness of this rechargeable battery is very high, as its recyclable charging frequency often exceeds 1000 times. Overall, using it once only costs a penny!

This means that after the battery runs out, we no longer need to worry about garbage sorting, nor do we need to go out and buy or eagerly wait for the delivery. We just need to plug it into any usable USB port to charge, watch a movie, eat a meal, and the battery will be fully charged, and then we can continue to use it.

Do you like batteries that are user-friendly, convenient, and cost-effective?

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